Tarique: the #EasyApp Champ

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After much demand and numerous requests to get started on an app, we finally got underway with developing and testing a mobile app. The test group consisted of roughly 600 EE fans, with the top 100 winning themselves a cool EasyEquities t-shirt over the Festive season. We challenged the group to detect any bugs we may encounter from the Beta test version of the App we gave people access to. The feedback we received was incredible.

So many EE clients and app testers got stuck in to provide us some valuable feedback on the application. 
The feedback was collated, and the community input was handed over to our developers to roll out the necessary additions.  
Among the challenges and engagement, one Easy Youser stood out to the point that even our group CEO, Charles Savage, appreciated his hustle and determination. 


Tarique Bezuidenhout, 22 years old and still finding his way through investing in the stock markets, began his journey with EasyEquities in October 2017. What makes Tarique unique are the qualities and persistence he exhibits in reaching his targets and objectives. Ultimately, he reached them through patience and strategy.

However, investing for the sake of money isn’t Tarique’s ultimate goal.

“At 50 years-old I see myself as financially free, semi-retired and able to travel where I want, when I want. I’d also like to be able to engage in charitable work as I am a big believer in the concept ofUbuntu.’

Tarique currently works as an Office Administrator, concurrently completing his B.Com Finance studies as well. As a side-hustle he works as a Marketer for a real-estate group. That brings Tarique’s income streams to three, creating multiple streams of income, advice often attributed to Warren Buffett. Tarique first heard of EasyEquities late last year on his way to work via the Thabooty Drive on 5FM, where Brand Goddess Carly Barnes featured on the drive-time show. 

Within a week of hearing the chat on radio, he was already invested in some of his favourite brands. Some of which include Dis-chem, Sygnia (ETFs), and Kumba Iron Ore. Having won the AppVent challenges, his portfolio has now gone offshore, with investments in Nvidia, Snapchat and the CryptoCurrency Bundle.

Now, Tarique is on “An adventure of recruitment.” In keeping to the spirit of Ubuntu, he is of the firm belief is that “Knowledge gained should be shared.” Continuing to provide us some insight as a young investor, Tarique believes most millennials would love to get involved and investing in stocks. “I hope that I can help my peers take control of their financial futures, and shape their own destinies.”

“Growing up in a single parent household definitely gave me a different perspective when it comes to things like saving and education.” His determination and desire to succeed makes all the more sense. For us, an unexpected bonus was that we got to know our #EasyCommunity a little more intimately.



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