TaxTim + Easy = TaxTim(E)


Tax Tim(e) is here, and we’re teaming up with an epic team of tax specialists to make the tax season Easy.

Now I’m sure you know what tax is and understand that it’s collected by tax authorities. The South African tax season kicks off on 01 September until 22 October for those who wish to file at a SARS branch. For online filing, the season ends on 16 November. You can see these dates and more, via SARS, here.

Tax is a lot of admin, so we’ve decided to partner with world-class and low-cost tax specialists called TaxTim to solve that admin for you.

For the uninitiated, TaxTim is a high-scale automated conversation bot that helps non-financially minded people submit their tax returns quickly, easily, and with confidence. Like us, they avoid the heavy finance jargon, and get you through the tricky admin by having you answer simple questions. All of which is concluded with a submission to SARS with a click.

In under 20 minutes, TaxTim will have your tax return done and ready for submission to SARS by asking you questions in plain English (no tax knowledge required).

All you have to do to reap the rewards of this collaboration is to hit this link to get started on TaxTim with a 25% discount on us, and make sure to use EASYEQUITIES as the voucher code 😉

Get started on TaxTim here

You just have to make sure to have your tax certificates ready. For your investments on Easy, check out this FAQ article on how to retrieve your certificates.

Let’s kickoff the tax season with TaxTim on your side!

TaxTim - Frequently Asked Questions