The Man behind Machabeng!


So, I thought it would be great to have a little bio on a very cool guy and one of the big dogs in the world of investing, Adrian Saville, the headhuncho at our partner, Cannon Asset Managers.

Who is Adrian Saville?

He quite honestly is a very impressive man, with qualifications as long as my arm. These include a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (cum laude), M.Com (cum laude) and PhD (Economics).

Other cool facts are that he was awarded the Economics Society of South Africa’s Founders Medal, is a UNESCO laureate and a matriculant of Linacre College (Oxford).  He has completed programmes in value investing and competitive strategy at New York’s Columbia University and Harvard Business School in Boston.  Impressive!

While we're talking about impressive...

Cannon Asset Managers have recently launched their new Machabeng Portfolio, which is just as impressive as it sounds (it means "international" in Sesotho).  This offshore bundle offers a diversified portfolio of attractively priced companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange - making America great again 💃.

What's uber cool about this bundle is that it invests in good companies that do good as much for shareholders as for society at large.  Some of these companies include Apple, eBay and PepsiCo among others.

Stocks are selected based on quality and growth factors, with a view to return on shareholder funds and valuation. In other words, they look for sound equities focused on delivering value to shareholders, as well as society at large.

Why is it great to take advantage of offshore investments?

South Africa makes up just 0.44% of the world’s $80 trillion economy. Taking part of your portfolio offshore allows you to:

  • Hedge against rand weakness;
  • Diversify your portfolio; and
  • Get exposure to industries and sectors not available locally.


Check out the Machabeng bundle and invest in good companies that do good 🙌, or have a look at the other amazing bundles offered by this great partner.


View the Machabeng Bundle



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