The Men behind Machabeng


Recently I did a short bio on the very impressive CEO at our partner, Cannon Asset Managers, Adrian Saville. Cannon Asset Managers Investment Analyst Tlotliso Phakisi is the other brain behind the Machabeng portfolio.

Who is Tlotliso Phakisi?

Tlotliso, a graduate from Machabeng College in Lesotho, has been working in the financial services industry for the past decade, and has been an Investment Analyst at Cannon Asset Managers for the past four years, where he conducts both local and global market research and company analysis.


The bundle name was inspired by Tlotliso’s time in Lesotho, and which means “international” in Sesotho, and is the latest brain child of the Cannon Asset Managers investment dream team.

The Machabeng Portfolio is an offshore bundle that offers a diversified portfolio of “do good” companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

The primary goal of the portfolio is to produce high capital growth over the long term, measured in US dollars, through investing in portfolio of attractively priced companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange that have excellent growth prospects and are supported by strong business brands with high social impact.

The portfolio is suited to investors who:

  • seek long-term capital growth ahead of US dollar consumer price inflation and ahead of headline equity-market indices (specifically the S&P 500);
  • can tolerate short-term portfolio volatility associated with an aggressive investment mandate;
  • need global investment exposure; and
  • have an investment horizon of at least five years.

Check out the Machabeng bundle and invest in good companies that do good 🙌, or have a look at the other amazing bundles offered by this great partner.


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