What Are Preference Shares?

Posted by Carly Barnes

Oct 6, 2017 9:59:28 AM

Many of you have asked just what a preference share is, and how it differs from your standard issue share. Here's a simplified version of just what they are and do for the investor, and why companies issue preference shares in the first place.  

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Who Gave Risk a Bad Name?

Posted by Bradley Kaplan

Aug 22, 2017 5:05:15 PM


Risk, when associated with investments is a word that no one enjoys hearing, especially when it is said by the person looking after your hard-earned money. Risk is the potential of gaining or losing something of value. When you seek assistance from a person to care for your money, just hearing the word ‘risk’ may sound alarm bells.

Bradley details investment risk in this article hosted by CN&CO.


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Podcast: Balancing Act with the Aconcagua Growth Bundle

Posted by Carly Barnes

Jul 20, 2017 5:15:57 PM


This week, Emperor Asset Management brand manager Lungile Mashigo, and fund manager TC van der Walt discuss the Aconcagua Growth bundle's volatility relative to the JSE All Share Index. Breaking down risk and volatility for our #Easy users, Lungile and TC go into detail on portfolio returns and growth.

These type of balanced funds are great for people with low-risk tolerance and people who require above-inflation returns. The team also discusses the unique Emperor Asset bundle and product names. 

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Topics: Education, How to get wealthy with Easy Equities, Staff, Baskets, Managed Bundles, financial advice, long term

Podcast: A look inside Emperor's Aggressive bundle

Posted by Carly Barnes

Jul 10, 2017 12:42:51 PM


Bundles are a game changer and a whole bunch of Easy yousers are fans (and owners) of the Emperor Asset Management Everest Aggressive bundle. In fact, across the board our Aggressive bundles and baskets seem to be the most popular, and are targeted at investors with a higher appetite for risk. So what does that mean exactly, and who is Emperor Asset Management? Ever heard of quantitative investing?

Enter brand manager Lungile Mashigo and fund manager TC van der Walt. Here they are breaking things down for #TeamEasy in a podcast. And they’re all ears… tweet them your questions and let them know what you’d like to know more about.

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Topics: Education, How to get wealthy with Easy Equities, Staff, Baskets, Managed Bundles, financial advice, long term

Carly Barnes: Don't Be Intimidated By Your Finances, Own Them. Slay Them!

Posted by Standwa Nongauza

Jul 4, 2017 12:26:04 PM


Carly Barnes is a marketer, singer, investor, flexitarian and world wanderer. She studied music and live performance at AFDA and went on to start an industrial theatre business, write for a few magazines (some glossy, some niche) and make magic in the PR and content creation space. Passionate about storytelling, the role of EasyEquities brand manager had her at ‘Hello’; and she started working at Purple Group in 2016. In her free time Carly practices playing the ukulele, works out, and spends time in nature. She’s also passionate about empowering women, especially in the investing space. Excited to be part of a team which is breaking new ground for South Africans with low cost, friendly investing, Carly makes sure newbie and seasoned investors alike are welcomed warmly to #TeamEasy. In this interview she talks to us about her money habits.  

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