Easy youser and GameNation SA head honcho talks share ownership

Investing in community education #PinkDrive

Plant Your Seed: the Secret Sauce Basket

Tarique: the #EasyApp Champ

#PlayintheUSA Winner Hangs Out with Fintech Heavyweights

Our Investar Talks EasyEquities FEDA Sponsorship and Connecting with the Arts

Gifting Shares Isn't Only for Kardashians

Meet the TFS A-Team Mentors!

CoreShares Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF

Retirement Annuities have been #easified!

Exchange Trade Notes (ETNs) pack a punch

Lessons from a Matric maverick

"You can mine for gold or you can sell shovels" #CryptoCurrency

EasyEquities youser Palesa on why she loves Stokvels

EasyEquities Stokvel group PH Umcebo

Stokvels and corporate investment portfolios

Running late with submitting your tax returns?

The question is, what should I invest in?

Some unforgettable firsts with 5fm

Investing in the USA - BizNews US Exponential Bundle

Baskets and Bundles - Your co-pilot to investment genius

Offshore investing and tax

"Glamorous goodies:" Richemont fundamental analysis

Intellidex's favourite funds for November

Investing in AFRICA

Long4Life: "From a standing start to R5 billion"

Mediclinic: "Spire Offers Opportunity"

Access an asset manager, for as little as R5

South Africa's ETF Revolution

Crushing the Stock Market with the EasyCommunity #MCM

"Vasbyt:" Taste Holdings

Two wins in a row for EasyEquities/SatrixNOW

FirstRand: "Online in England"

Intellidex Reviews: CoreShares S&P SA Low Volatility

Structured Products on our website

Intellidex Reviews: Ashburton Quality 1200

What Are Preference Shares?

The Power of a Budget

Intellidex's favourite ETFs for your TFSA

Trolley for trolley, it's worth paying more

ETFs: If only I invested a year ago

TFS-yay! Easy wins at the Top Stockbroker Awards 2017

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Eric Moyo: a bright future in the markets

Steinhoff Africa soars on JSE debut

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Vishal and his investment journey

Ingham Broadline Retailers: STAR

Ingham Aspen Earnings Preview

Intellidex Reviews: NewFunds NewSA ETF

Now I can say: ‘I invest in the stock exchange’

Ingham ARM Earnings Preview

Intellidex Reviews: NewFunds MAPPS Protect ETF

Sanlam Earnings Results

Intellidex Reviews: NewFunds MAPPS Growth ETF Review

Naspers AGM - what's your vote?

Who Gave Risk a Bad Name?

Intellidex Reviews: NewFunds SWIX 40 ETF review

Advicement Offering On EasyEquities

Intellidex Reviews: NewFunds ILBI (inflation-linked bond index) ETF review

Moral Compass: Ingham chats ethical investing and US stocks

Sanlam to acquire 30% of fintech disruptor EasyEquities

Ingham on Glencore fundamentals

EasyEquities makes the BAI finals

Intellidex Reviews: db X-tracker MSCI USA Index ETF

The Story of Tesla

Intellidex Reviews: NewFunds Govi ETF

The Rise and Rise of Nvidia

Snap a pic: US stocks in your world

Intellidex Reviews: NewFunds Equity Momentum ETF

Podcast: Balancing Act with the Aconcagua Growth Bundle

Do you know your ABC’s? Here’s a closer look at Google’s holding company, Alphabet

Initial public offer: Satrix S&P 500 ETF

Easy yousers share their US stock picks for #playintheusa

Igor Rodionov, Advicement chats bundles

US Tech start ups, Are They Hot or Not?

Berkshire Hathaway is Not Just a Textile Company

Initial public offer: Satrix MSCI World ETF

Podcast: A look inside Emperor's Aggressive bundle

Initial public offer: Satrix MSCI Emerging Markets ETF

Carly Barnes: Don't Be Intimidated By Your Finances, Own Them. Slay Them!

How Apple Took the Tech World

ETF Strategy 3: Core-Satellite Strategy

Crowd Sourced Stock Picks: What Other Yousers are Investing In

Sports Stocks, and Why I Love 'em

Intellidex Reviews: ETF strategy 2: Portfolio completion

Intellidex Reviews: Using ETFs to allocate your portfolio across assets

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Intellidex top ETF picks for May 2017

Ingham, Hogg update their EasyEquities portfolios – Doubling up on Naspers

Purple Group Limited - Focus on Tomorrow

Intellidex Reviews: Satrix Swix 40 Index Fund ETF

Intellidex Reviews: Cloud Atlas AMI Big50 ex-SA ETF

Intellidex reviews: Satrix Top 40 Index Fund

Intellidex reviews: CoreShares PrefTrax

Intellidex top ETF picks for April 2017

Rand roils as S&P downgrades SA

Fresh Money with Charles Savage - 5fm with FRESH@5

The latest #Zuma debacle

#ICYMI- EasyEquities CEO Charles Savage - Kyknet Interview

Intellidex reviews: STANLIB SA Property ETF

Intellidex reviews: NewFunds S&P GIVI South Africa Top 50

Change is #easy!

EasyTFSA winners talk tax free fun

Intellidex reviews: Satrix Property ETF

How Do I Get My Tax Certificate From EasyEquities?

Intellidex top ETF picks for March 2017

Investing, a long term strategy to grow your wealth

Intellidex reviews: Satrix ILBI ETF

Proud Pretorian Barry values affordable investing

Intellidex reviews: NewFunds Shari'ah Top 40 Index Fund

Teaching your kids to invest at an early age - the importance of building wealth early

Intellidex reviews: US Dollar Custodial Certificates ETF

Three generations of investing awesome

Intellidex reviews: NewFunds Swix 40 ETF

Michele Sparkes takes the drivers seat on investing

Valentine Madzhie hopes to live stress free and watch his money grow!

Bryan and Michelle Stewart are saving for their future are you?

Investing is for anyone, including Jeffrey Yates

Intellidex reviews: Stanlib 40 ETF

Investing is for anyone, including Waylon Smit

Intellidex reviews: db x-trackers Euro Stoxx 50 Index ETF

Intellidex top ETF picks for Jan 2017

Intellidex reviews: MSCI World Index ETF

The last 2016 Easy Seminar

Intellidex reviews: db x-trackers USA Index ETF

Recognise the retail investor

Intellidex top ETF picks for Dec 2016

Intellidex reviews: Ashburton Top 40 ETF

Free State students meet Team Easy at the Finance Indaba

Ever attended an AGM? Here’s how!

Rather give the gift that keeps growing this festive season

Book Review: How to invest like Warren Buffett

Intellidex reviews: CoreShares S&P Global Property ETF

Intellidex reviews: CoreShares S&P 500

Running and investing have more in common than you think

Intellidex top ETF picks for Nov 2016

Intellidex reviews: NewFunds Swix 40 ETF

4 reasons to face your investment fears

Intellidex reviews: CORESHARES PropTrax SAPY

Life after SABMiller

Intellidex reviews: db X-tracker MSCI World Index ETF

Recap of Intellidex's Recommended ETFs

Girl Power!

Dividends for the win!

Join the Tax Free Savings revolution – it’s here

Fini Who? The Satrix Fini ETF!

Celebrating SA heritage: We’ve got ou’s in different area codes

ETF Tuesday: a look at another of the JSE’s large-cap tracking funds, the Satrix Swix 40 ETF

Are we rebounding from the Brexit Break Up?

Your Pharmacy needs with Aspen

Ascendis Health and your Pharmaceuticals

AVI: Food Products

Start your engines with Sasol!

Apparel Retail  “Remaining cautious on exposure”

ETF Tuesday: exposure to the 40 biggest companies listed on the JSE

Is Nenegate 2.0 on the horizon? Ingham weighs in

“What’s cooking this week?” Discovery, Sanlam and Steinhoff.

Why equities offer the best value for long term investors

3 easy steps to help you survive and thrive post pay day

ETF Tuesday: Exposure to SA’s commercial property market

‘Braai’ belongs to all South Africans. So should the stock market!

Banks “23/8 is 9/12-light – for now”

Girls you got this: time to start building!

Sibanye Gold Newsflash

ETF Tuesday: Do you own the Satrix 40 ETF?

What’s cooking this week?

Girls you got this: Confidence is key

“Tencent likely to report strong Q2 results” What does this mean for Naspers?

ETF Tuesday: do you have a medium- to long-term investment horizon?

You gotsta habit

Crazy about baskets!

We’ve got your back: anytime, anywhere

Girls, you got this: self-value and finance

“Texan snooze deal” for Steinhoff

ETF Tuesday: The resources sector

SuperGroup "Brexit buy-in"

MTN “Currency caution”

South Africa’s Brexit moment

Girls, you got this!

Investor Spotlight: Ivana Andric

ETF Tuesday: Tracking listed property???

Hashtags. #JustSaying

Accéntuate’s got heart!

Dividend focused ETFs

"Riding along at spot"

What is your investment horizon? Medium to long term?

How to make your income tax rebate a win win!

Brait Brexited?!

A guide to asset allocation!!

A multi-asset fund designed to troubleshoot...

INFLATION? What do ETFs have to say?

Saving vs Investing – Must I do Both?

We’ve got lots of FAQ’s to give


Some investors today are investing not only with their heads but also with their hearts!

Nerd alert! Do you know your B’s and C’s?

Baskets: you ain't seen nothing yet!

Easy you-sers - you biscuits!

What is the effect on my investment in a dual-listed JSE/LSE stock if there is a Brexit?

Did you know that ETFs allow you to invest ethically??

Bring on Baskets!

ETF Tuesday: Building blocks??

Get to know Great TFSA Race winner Allen Mafokwane

Get to know Great TFSA Race winner Amber Watkins

What does unbundling have to do with lemonade?

ETF Tuesday: Your Top 40 Hits!

Get to know Great TFSA Race winner Dustin Quintini

The trouble with doubt…

ETF Tuesday: Db x-tracker FTSE 100 Index ETF

Cables, satellites and Naspers!

To unbundle or not? Bidvest's latest!

What does your latest cellphone bill tell you?


How to pick investments – advice from the pros

Investor spotlight: Ramon J. Thomas

Cloudy with a chance of social sentiment?

ETF Tuesday: Db x-tracker MSCI Japan Index ETF

Digging Deep With Glencore!

Chemicals or mechanicals with Sasol?!

Hit the road with Imperial


Technical Takes: Brait

Technical Takes: Sanlam

Technical Takes: Truworths

Technical Takes: S&P 500 INDEX

ETF Tuesday: Db x-tracker MSCI USA Index ETF

Incisive Insights: Implats

Incisive Insights: Amplats

Platinum Miners and a Market Overview

Technical Takes: ASPEN

Technical Takes: ANGLOGOLD

Technical Takes: SABMILLER

Technical Takes: JSE ALL SHARE INDEX

Technical Takes: Intro and Summary for #TeamEasy

The deal on dividends. Word.

Are you on the “encentivized” program?!

I wish I wish I wish...

Innovating the insurance game

ETF Tuesday: CoreShares S&P South Africa Low Volatility

Ingham’s Incisive Insights: REITs (Fortress)

Ingham’s Incisive Insights: Steinhoff

Ingham’s Incisive Insights: Kumba

ETF Tuesday: NewFunds S&P GIVI SA TOP 50

The Power of Ownership...

The Bigger Picture

ETF Tuesday: NewFunds S&P GIVI SA Industrial 25

Ingham’s Incisive Insights: Stocks for Discussion

Back to the Basics of Investing

ETF Tuesday: NewFunds S&P GIVI SA Resource 15

ETF Tuesday: NewFunds S&P GIVI SA Financial 15

ETF Tuesday: Which of the 40-odd available funds are best to invest in?

ETF Tuesday: NewFunds MAPPS Protect ETF

Insight from Mark N Ingham

Investment Insights: Mining News

Investment Insights: FirstRand

Investment Insights: Tencent, Naspers and Steinhoff

How to upload your EasyEquities portfolio to Google Finance

ETF Tuesday: NewFunds Equity Momentum ETF

EasyEquities icon competition winners announced

ETF Tuesday: NewFunds TRACI 3 Month ETF

ETF Tuesday: db x-trackers Euro Stoxx 50 Index ETF

Investor of the week: Marnus Bezuidenhout (17)

I get investing, but what shares should I buy?

ETF Tuesday: NewFunds MAPPS Growth ETF

The Great TFSA Race!

ETF Tuesday: Satrix DIVI

ETF Tuesday RMB Inflation-X ETF

ETF Tuesday BGreen ETF

ETF Tuesday CoreShares PrefTrax ETF (PREFTX)

R100k worth of free shares up for grabs! #ShareDemocratization

Stanlib Swix 40 ETF

ETF Tuesday: Satrix INDI ETF

Looking back on the year, 2015

ETF Tuesday: NewFunds Govi ETF

Funnest. AGM. Ever.

ETF Tuesday: RMB MidCap

Investor of the week: Henchard Mashigo (27)

EasyEquities and Satrix launch SatrixNOW

What is a rights issue and how does it affect you?


Why companies list on the stock exchange

Not your traditional AGM...

Gifting shares is cheaper in the RSA than the USA!

ETF Tuesday: db X-tracker MSCI World Index ETF

ETF Tuesday: RMB Top40

Stock market: the good and the bad

Your EasyEquities icon design could win you R5 000!

ETF Tuesday: Welcome to exchange-traded funds

Revenue up 40%.. Purple Group Annual Results released!

Surfing and MMA – it’s all happening with EasyEquities this weekend

The impact of the MTN shut-down

REITs: own property without the associated hassles

Investor of the week: Palesa Lengolo (28)

Sygnia: A new listing on the JSE

SAB Miller riding the swell created by Anheuser-Busch InBev NV.

Team #Easy takes to the road!

Some research on Glencore PLC.

Investor of the week: Tristan Savage

Let the Easy Team guide you on your investment journey

How to get maximum value from your EasyEquities investment!

Win with EasyEquities at the 2015 Money Expo

Savings: what the numbers tell us

Investor of the week: Eunice Fourie

Ditch those piggy-banks and get saving online!

EasyEquities keeps ahead of the game with its new FAQs!

Why ‘Easy’ red is fast becoming the colour of choice in Jozi

We're making things even easier!

Investing.. When to get in and when to get out!

Investor of the week: Zandile Nkomo

How tax works on your EasyEquities account

You are never too young to start investing!

Tax-free savings: the fine print

Fractional Share Rights - A little recap!

Tax-free savings: The costs of early withdrawal

Investor of the week: Justus Luttig

Girls investing for themselves

EasyEquities: The great disruptor

Investor of the week: Nadia Kandava

What is an ETF and why should I invest in one?

A little lesson on Diversification

What to do when the market gets the runs...

EasyEquities takes Top Honours as the Most Innovative Concept

What does the “tax-free” part of tax-free savings mean?

Investor of the week: David de Villiers

How to get wealthy with Easy Equities

The benefits of Fractional Share Investing!

Let's talk Liquidity... The Bid & Offer Spread

Using tags to keep track of your investment portfolio.

5 Easy Investment Rules to beat the market

EasyEquities Named Best Broker for the Young Saver!

You haven’t started tax-free investing yet? Seriously?


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